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WK/Z-2600 f automatic spindless veneer peeling machine

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Technical Parameters
Max cutting diameter: 500mm
Core diameter of remaining: 28mm
Peeling length: 2600mm
Width: 500mm-2000mm


1. operate simple, practical, the R & D blade automatic adjusting device, according to the user set rotary cutting thickness, pressure, system dynamic tracking tool joints, improve veneer evenness , flatness, smoothness of three technical indicators ; at the same time , 2011 obtained national patent, patent number: ZL201120451452.3
2, new mechanical installation structure, feed screw with oil, improve the life of whole machine.
3, the key parts of the whole machine is made of casting parts, improve the stability further .
4, Rotary and cutting integrated structure,, with the cutting width adjustment is convenient, accurate, and the function of the market, compared with the existing market machine, has not blocking the plate, cutting more accurate, adjust more simple advantages.